That’s Harassment: #1 The Coworker

Introducing the film series ‘That’s Harassment’

Sexual harassment is not as clear as it first may seem.

We generally imagine a clear, solid line dividing sexual violence and wanted sexual interactions.

But where is that line?

This is where Sigal Avin and her film series comes in.

These six short videos show realistic scenes of sexual harassment and highlight the grey area, where sexual harassment usually lurks.

Being in this in-between area doesn’t make it any less violent or unwanted. In fact, it can be harder to call out.

The series spotlights that it is still harassment. Hence the title: That’s Harassment.

Some of them are based on personal experiences. Sigal Avin discusses that here with executive producers David Schwimmer and Mazdack Rassi.

They don’t have to be seen in a particular order and you can check out the whole series here.

Cue the first film, which takes a look at sexual harassment between colleagues.

The Coworker:

If you have experienced or are experiencing something similar, there is support available for you.

The film series shows sexual harassment in a specific, gendered way. It isn’t always like this and it is still harassment. The support is still available.

Fumble has listed some steps here as well as other sites with further information.

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