These LGBTQ+ Pin Badges Are The Best

We want them all 

Coming out is a process that lasts a lifetime. For LGBTQ+ people, it’s an important part of meeting new friends, colleagues, partners – but sometimes, making that effort to be visible can be exhausting.

You can’t argue with the fact that being seen is a really important part of being respected. But given that sexuality is not an immediately obvious trait (whatever people may say about “gaydar”), you might find yourself needing to explain yourself, in the same conversations, over and over again. Wouldn’t it be great if there was – on occasion – a quick fix? 

Now, thanks to a bevvy of brilliant LGBTQ+ and allied creatives, that fix is here – and it’s so very stylish. 

Creators including Kelsey (@TweeStitch), Black Heart Creatives (@blackheartcreatives), Ashanti Fortson (@ashantifortson) and Pip Williams (@PipSuxx) have gifted the world with amazing hand-crafted pin badges for almost every flavour of LGBTQ+ person under the sun. 

And they are a SERIOUS MOOD. 

As well as helping LGBTQ+ people live their best, visible lives, these badges are a great way to demonstrate allyship with members of the LGBTQ+ community – something we’re all about at Fumble. 

I for one think they are out of this world. 

In fact, once you get down this wormhole, there’s a pin for almost everything. You can check out just some of the badges featured in this article at the links below: 

Queer Flair by PipSuxx

Space Is Gay by Ashanti Fortson

TweeStitch by Kelsey


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