Think Your Boobs Are Weird? Probably Not

Boobs come in all shapes and sizes and that’s totally normal

Your boobs are actually pretty complex and you may have a bunch of questions. So here’s Fumble’s guide to everything you need to know about your knockers.

Different sizes

Most people have one boob bigger than the other. And no amount of exercise, drugs, or dieting will change that. So learn to love your asymmetrical bangers.

Painful boobs

Your breasts may be a little sore close to your period or during puberty. Some contraception methods may make your breasts sensitive too. Don’t worry, the pain will disappear after your period. Take it easy and don’t be hard on yourself.

Stretch marks

Again, totally normal. It’s your body showing it’s growing and changing. Over time they may fade, but they’re not going anywhere so embrace them.

Triple nipple

Some people have three nipples. They’re often small and appear on the chest, but they can be anywhere on the body. Nothing to worry about—it’s just another nipple.

Inverted nipples

Your nipples may point outwards, be flat, or they may point inwards. No drama. Totally normal.

Boobs change

Like other parts of your body, your boobs grow and change over time. They may get smaller or bigger. No need to be alarmed.

Saggy boobs

Women in the media seem to always have perky boobs. In reality, everyone’s breasts are different. Perky or saggy, you’re totally fabulous.

Hairy nipples

Body hair is everywhere. Yes, even on your nipples and areola (darker circle around your nipple). There may be a few strands or a whole bunch. If they make you uncomfortable, you can pluck them. But you don’t have to. Do what feels right for you.

Nipples: shade and size

Nipples and areola are all shades and sizes. You may have small nipples or large nipples. Your areola may be a big or small circle. Some women’s nipples and areola are pink, others are brown or other various shades. Each nipple/areola may be a different size or shape. Your body is completely normal.

Areola bumps

If you closely examine your breasts, you will see tiny bumps on the areola (circle surrounding your nipples). They may look like spots, but they’re just glands. Don’t squeeze them! They won’t go away.

Nipple stimulation

Some people can orgasm with nipple stimulation alone. This is when your nipples are rubbed, sucked, or bitten. Kinda cool, right?

The most important thing to remember is that your boobs are fabulous, sexy, and totally normal. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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