Top Tips For Building Good Self-Esteem

We all struggle with feeling confident about ourselves from time to time. So here are some top tips for improving your self-esteem

1. Know that you deserve good things

Understand that you’re a good person and you deserve to be treated with respect. Know that you have a place in this world and that you matter. And also treat others like this too.

2. Stop being so hard on yourself

If you only get five out of ten in a test, for example, acknowledge the “failure” and move on. If this wasn’t your best effort, tell yourself that next time you will do better. Don’t keep beating yourself up over it as this is likely to make you worse at whatever it is you feel you’ve done badly at! Be as compassionate and kind to yourself as you would be to a friend in the same situation.

3. Celebrate your successes 🎉

When you do something well, try to be pleased. It might be something fairly small, like baking a delicious cake that everyone compliments you on, but that doesn’t matter. Soak up the compliments and let yourself enjoy them. You’re allowed to be proud of yourself.

4. Seize new opportunities

Say yes to things that might push you out of your comfort zone, but that you know deep down you’d like to try. And doing new things can give you a real buzz.

5. Value yourself  🥰

Don’t be afraid to say no to people if they want you to do something you don’t want to do. Being able to do this really makes you feel good – believe me! Try and take control and see how liberating it can be.

6. Help someone else 

Maybe you’re really good at a certain subject and your friend isn’t – perhaps you could help them! Helping other people always makes us feel good, and it makes the person we’re helping feel good too.

7. Stop comparing yourself to others

It’s enough to do your very best. It’s likely that someone will always be better at something than you. So don’t try to compete with that – just do as well as you can and be pleased when you improve. Remember you’re probably better than them at something else.

8. Think about what you’re eating 🚰 🍏

Ditch the junk and add some healthy foods into your diet – good food feeds the brain. Too much sugar and fat can leave us feeling tired and sluggish.

9. Ditch the haters

If your friends and the people you hang out with don’t make you feel good about yourself, ditch them. Find people who make you feel good, and don’t cling on to people just because they’re the “in crowd”. If anyone makes you feel lousy, they’re not a nice person – so move on!

These tips should make you feel better about yourself. Read them as often as you like, and put them into practice too. If you want to read more on self-esteem, you can find our handy guide to self-esteem. 

This is an extract from a book, ‘A Girl’s Guide to Being Awesome’ by Suzanne Virdee. The book is published by Summersdale Publishers and is available from all good bookshops. The publishers have given Fumble permission to reproduce this extract.

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