Discovering ASMR: Find Freedom From Stress

Welcome to the wonderful world of ASMR, a relaxation phenomenon spreading peace and calm across the internet

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. This refers to a tingly feeling that starts over your head and can spread down your spine to all over your body.

It’s a sensation that some people recall experiencing as a young child when someone played with their hair, or read them a story. 

Over recent years, there has been a growing craze of ASMR videos on YouTube. These videos aim to induce the tingly feeling and relax the viewer.

Some of the videos include creators whispering into the microphone, tapping on a variety of objects or performing a role plays such as hairdressing.  

Why Do People Love It? 

Not everyone is sensitive to ASMR, and to the uninitiated, these videos can appear very strange. However, they can help some people either by calming their anxiety, helping them fall asleep, or providing comfort at times of depression or grief. More simply, they can also offer a quiet moment in a hectic lifestyle.

How Does It Work?

Although there is no hard scientific evidence on the benefits on ASMR, there are lots of accounts from people who say it helps them to deal with their mental health problems and life stresses.

People tend to watch ASMR videos before going to sleep. It can also be helpful played in the background while working, or to relax before a stressful event.

This might not be for you  – but if you’re interested, there are hundreds of ASMR channels on YouTube.

The group of people who create and watch ASMR content are open and caring. Everyone is connected by a shared experience.

Here’s Cara Delevingne having a good old whisper to ease you into it: