What’s With All This Body Hair?

Here’s why your body hair is your business

Body hair. We all have it, and it’s completely normal – but it doesn’t always feel like that when we’re surrounded by people shaving, waxing, and threading any kind of hair that pokes out of “unwanted” places. And no, body hair is not gross or a weird fetish.

When and where do we start growing body hair?

Everyone will grow body hair at some point in their life- usually under your arms, and on your arms, legs, face, and genitals. Boys tend to start growing body hair around the age of 12, and girls around the age of 11.

But these ages are just averages, so don’t worry if you start growing body hair at an earlier or later time.

Why do we have body hair?

Whether you love or loathe your body hair, it does have a purpose. Body hair helps regulate our body temperature; it stands up when we are cold, which traps heat to make us warmer. Some body hair, like eyelashes and nostril hair, prevent dirt from entering our bodies.

But what about pubic hair? Surely there’s not an actual purpose for it? WRONG. Body hair acts as a barrier that can prevent potential harmful bacteria and viruses from entering your body. That’s pretty neat.

Despite this, there’s still a lot of myths about pubic hair and hygiene. Many people believe that removing your pubic hair leads to a “cleaner” vagina. Again, WRONG. There are no health benefits to grooming your pubic hair. In fact, hair removal can sometimes lead to irritation and infection.

Why do I have more body hair than my friends?

If you have a lot of body hair, you may have hirsutism. This is a common condition where you grow thick, dark body hair on your face, neck, chest, tummy, lower back, bum, or thighs.

Hirsutism mainly affects women. Although it is common, it may make you feel self-conscious, or perhaps you completely embrace it. Both are totally okay!

If you think you have hirsutism, you may want to visit your GP, as they can look at the underlying cause and talk about possible treatments if you want to remove the hair. But remember – what you do with your body hair is your choice, so don’t let others make that decision for you.

To groom or not to groom?

Some people love their body hair, and that’s great. We’re finally beginning to see celebrities and models celebrating and normalising their body hair. In fact, one study found that 1 in 4 women don’t shave their underarms, a trend that suggests we are finally starting to celebrate our body hair. Yay!

Despite this, many people want to groom their body hair, and that’s cool too. One brand, Billie, created the first advert to actually show women shaving their body hair, in an effort to tackle the taboo around our fuzzy parts.

If you do want to remove your body hair, common methods include waxing, or shaving using a traditional razor with shaving cream or an electric razor. If you decide to shave, make sure you are careful so you don’t cut yourself. When using a traditional razor make sure you wet your leg before shaving, use shaving cream, and use a new and sharp blade.

Normalising body hair

Check out this gallery of real women showing off their body hair, proving you are still fab, beautiful, and wonderful WITH body hair. Body hair is completely normal, so if you like your body hair, flaunt it!

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