Why You Should Get Tested For STIs

I’d know if I had a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), wouldn’t I?

No, not necessarily!

Luckily (or unluckily), those infected with STIs don’t develop flashing signs on their foreheads.

Actually, it’s hard to know who has an STI just by looking at someone – even if they’re naked.

That goes for ourselves as well.

Many people with an STI, don’t know they have one. This is because most STIs don’t have symptoms.

People pass on STIs through sexual contact: vaginal, oral and anal. 

How do we make our bed-hopping experiences safe?

We get tested!

Think of it like the dentist. Rather than waiting until that molar is so painful that we can’t eat properly, we go regularly to see the dentist and check that everything is in order.

The good news is that testing is free and available for everyone.

So, let’s go! Find out where you can get tested and book yourself in.

Feeling a bit anxious about visiting?

That’s very understandable, first time or not. It can feel strange to reveal such intimate parts of our bodies to other people.

Remember, it’s confidential and the staff are there to help you. It’s their job and they do this every day.

Brook answers some questions here to let you know what to expect.

After you’ve had your test, condoms and dental dams are a great way to reduce your likelihood of getting an STI.

If you have a partner(s), it’s important to ask them when they last had an STI check. A good rule of thumb is getting tested after every new sexual partner. If both of you don’t have STIs, you’re good to go! 

But What If I Have an STI?

Firstly, STIs are VERY common. So don’t worry if you have one. It doesn’t mean you’re dirty or that you’ve done anything wrong.

Health providers are there to support you if you have an STI. And Fumble also has you covered with some extra tips of what to do.

Most STIs can be cured by taking antibiotics or managed so you can continue living your life! And yes, that means your sex life will continue in all its glory too!

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